Getting More Production From Swiss Turning Centers

Buying a new CNC Swiss turning center is a substantial investment. For the best return, look closely for capabilities that enable the best utilization of the machine.

Cutting Tools

IMCO Carbide Tool Inc. End Mills for Faster Part Cycles

The M936 Pow-R-Feed series is designed to make various toolpath moves without slowing down, providing faster cycle times and more production.

Horizontal & Vertical Lathes

Video: Why a Production Machine Shop Started a Baseball Bat Company

A 153-year-old manufacturer of precision, metal pins recently started a side business creating custom wooden baseball bats. The reasoning behind establishing this new company is intriguing, as is how it has helped create a stronger bond with the local community.


Dillon's Full-Grip Chuck Jaws Reduce Part Distortion

Dillon full-grip jaws are ideal for high-speed machining, as well as precision boring, tapping, drilling and finishing across most industrial markets.

Bar Feeders

Reinventing the Wheel with Robot-Automated CNC Multitasking

One race team discovers how to efficiently manufacture a new wheel nut design for the next-generation NASCAR stock car with the help of a CNC mill/turn and a built-in robot.


Video Tech Brief: Quality Control is Using the Right Software

This machine shop’s mapping software program runs on its gaging system to increase the accuracy of the probe’s tolerance measurement on the thin-walled aluminum tube machined by the shop.

Single & Multi-Spindles

Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Single- and Multi-Spindles

This twin-spindle automatic lathe with six cross-slide mounted turrets is designed for medium-sized production runs that might not be suitable for conventional multi-spindles.


Where Micro-Laser Machining Is the Focus

A company that was once a consulting firm has become a successful micro-laser machine shop producing complex parts and features that most traditional CNC shops cannot machine.

Automation & Robots

Video Tech Brief: Benefits of a CNC Bar Puller

CNC bar pullers can benefit machining processes by providing automation. Watch this video to learn more from a user of a bar puller on a turning center.


Swiss-Type Add-On System Enables In-Line Inspection

When small part inspection and/or segregation is critical, this flexible, automated unloading and palletizing system for Swiss-type lathes can be the answer.