Swiss-Type Lathe Runs 2-Inch Parts Complete

This Swiss-type multitasking machine does all the crosswork and endwork milling, drilling and tapping complete, and even engraving and deburring, on one machine.


Getting More Production From Swiss Turning Centers

Buying a new CNC Swiss turning center is a substantial investment. For the best return, look closely for capabilities that enable the best utilization of the machine.

When a CNC Turn-Mill Doesn’t Turn

A shop in Big Sky Country uses a B-axis multitasking machine to produce complex, prismatic medical parts that require no turning complete from barstock.

5 Tips for Multichannel Programming

Programming for multitasking machines can be complex. Knowing several key points for making the process less challenging can save a programmer time as well as lessen confusion and the risk of error.
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Automated Multitasking Machine Drops Parts Complete

This automated multitasking machine with an integrated robot eliminates the need to run parts across multiple machines, saving floor space, setup time and manpower.

Does A Turn-Mill Have to Turn?

Here’s an example of a shop applying innovative probing, tooling and workholding strategies to enable its turn-mill to machine castings complete.

For CNC Multitasking Machines, Why Part Along Y?

Newly designed tooling takes advantage of a multitasking machine’s Y-axis motion to more effectively perform parting-off operations compared to conventional X-axis processes.

Micromachining Turns Images of the Queen into Tiny Portraits

Engineers at the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (AMRC) used a turn/mill center to reproduce a series of tiny portraits of Queen Elizabeth II, down to only 1.4 mm wide, onto brass.

Custom Tooling, Workholding Help Whip Rotors Into Shape

Whipple Superchargers uses unique form tools and dead-length-collet workholding for its B-axis turn-mill enabling it to create more accurate rotors for its brand of engine power-adders.

Precision Machining Technology Review: Turning Machines

Production Machining’s March Showcase includes Tsugami/Rem Sales, Expand Machinery, NexTurn Swiss Machine, Mazak and Romi Machine Tools.

Metal Additive Manufacturing: Multitasking’s Latest Trend

Why are an increasing number of machine tool builders adding additive manufacturing to their equipment’s already versatile machining capabilities? Because additive and subtractive are complementary.


How Advancements in CNC Multi-Spindles Can Put You Ahead of Current Trends

Growing economic and labor pressures are making CNC multi-spindle turn/mill technology more viable than ever. This real-world comparison to a single-spindle lathe shows how.

How to Get More Efficient Production from Swiss-Type and Multitasking Machines

SolidCAM for multi-axis Swiss type and multitasking machines provides a very efficient CAM programming process, generating optimal and safe Mill-Turn programs, with dramatically improved milling tool life.

Taking a Big Step

This Indiana shop made a leap from manual machining and basic CNC technology to a sophisticated turning cell and has not looked back. It's been a customer driven transition.

Precision Machining Technology Moving Shops Forward

New equipment and software continue to be developed to support the needs of production machine shops like yours. Here’s a sample of technology now on the market that can help you grow your operation and become more efficient.

The Story Behind a Machining Background Photo

The photo I added to my LinkedIn page shows the application of nifty CNC technology enabling a turn-mill to machine a complex medical device complete. It certainly seemed appropriate.

Making Waves with Lathe Automation

After years of relying on an extensive machining cell for part production, this marine equipment manufacturer has now reduced part handling and improved quality through use of single-setup lathes and automated loading and unloading.

Shop Turns to Vertical Turning for Small Batch Sizes

Vertical turning lathes are often used for large batch sizes, but a Swiss gear manufacturer is using the machines to produce small batch sizes of precision gears and transmission components.

A New Approach to CNC Turning

This turning process takes advantage of a turn-mill’s B-axis spindle to vary a tool’s approach angle to optimize chip control and feed rates. 

Turning Machines Help Firearms Supplier Achieve Rapid Growth

Working closely with its machine tool supplier, this firearms manufacturer has quickly expanded its lineup of turning machines to deliver quality products and faster delivery.