Lean Transfer Machine PICCOLA

PICCOLA CNC Lean transfer machine, extremely flexible and productive, able to perform boring, milling, threading, turning operations with static or rotating part. This Machine configuration can be up to 56 units with 3 CNC axes on three ways (vertical from the top, the bottom and radial). (Sponsored)

Precision Machining Technology Moving Shops Forward

New equipment and software continue to be developed to support the needs of production machine shops like yours. Here’s a sample of technology now on the market that can help you grow your operation and become more efficient.

Automated Manufacturing in the U.S. Makes for a Fitting Process

An Australian company has been able to speed delivery of its popular plumbing products to U.S. customers by adding machining and assembly cells to produce brass fittings in Alabama.

Shop Continually Improves by Adopting Rotary Transfer Machines

American Turned Products’ founder left a legacy of continuous improvement, helping the company grow as it implemented rotary transfer machines and preparing it to take on new work.

Rotary Transfer Reduces Manufacturing Steps and Opens Opportunities

This Ohio shop has installed rotary transfer machines to reduce multiple step processing, which has increased production capacity. 

A Different Kind of Machining Center

If one horizontal machining center is good, then three on a single platform should be better, right? That’s the thinking behind the Multicenter concept from Italian builder, Porta Solutions. It blends the volume production capabilities of rotary transfer technology with the flexibility of a machining center in a single platform.   

Captive Shop Must Still Compete

Often, a captive shop seems to have it made by job shop standards. In the case of this division of ITW Welding, “work is not given, it’s earned.”

Beyond One and Done

Rotary transfer machining is one proven solution for high volume machining. Today’s CNC rotary transfer machines provide more than “set it and forget it” production; they are flexible enough for high mix and low volume production demands.

An American Success Story

For 155 years, Wilson Bohannan has manufactured padlocks. It survives by innovation and continuous technological investments.

Rotary Transfer Versus Swiss for Small Precision Parts

A little creativity goes a long way in meeting the challenges that this high-production application presents.

Changing your Comfort Zone

Through the years, leaders of many companies needed the courage to make the technological leap from machining precision parts on single-spindles to investing in their first rotary transfer machine.

Road Trip to Gnutti Transfer

With Production Machining’s focus on the markets Gnutti is looking at, it was logical for me to go and see what this company was about. So off I went.

Rotary Transfer: Turning Up the Volume

This contract manufacturer set its sights on high volume, precision turning and assembly of complex components from Day 1 and continues to succeed in a market many have abandoned using CNC rotary transfer machining.

Saving Lives with a Net

Every day, metalworking manufacturers contribute to the general and specific welfare of our nation’s economy by adding value and creating wealth. This New Hampshire shop has the added distinction of helping save the lives of our combat troops.

From Blank to Box

Global Gear & Machining created a new cell that requires no human intervention.

Upgrading Rotary Transfer Machines on the Shop Floor

Smart manufacturers are using slower production demand to upgrade efficiency of their rotary transfer machines. This story looks at a Cleveland area integrator that can do the job in weeks and without removing machines from the shop.  

Pallet-Transfer Multi-Spindle Machining Center Defies Classification

Increasingly, new machine tools are being developed that defy existing classification code by virtue of their multi-tasking capabilities.

Independent Turning Cell Enables High Concentricity Precision

PMTS 2023: The RV 10 Flexmaster rotary transfer machine’s precision turning cell (PTC) is integrated in the machine as a disconnected turning cell and is free of the drive and machining factors that affect the other stations.

Gnutti Custom Rotary Transfer Machines for Medium/High Volumes

PMTS 2021: The company develops an efficient transfer machine for a part or families of parts.

Revolution Machine Works’ Technomat Rotary Transfer Machine

PMTS 2021: For workholding, the Technomat contains 50-mm max collets, chucks or rotating collets.

Transfer Machine Features Independent Turning Cell

Isolated turning cell within transfer machine is free of the drive and machining factors that affect the other stations.

Hydromat Rotary Transfer Machine Cuts Complex Turned, Milled Parts

The machine features 12 independently driven workpiece spindles and up to 18 machining modules in both horizontal and vertical positions, enabling challenging machining tasks to be performed from six sides.

Hydromat Rotary Transfer Machines Offer Modular Design Flexibility

Units feature control architecture geared for performance and reliability.