Precision Machining Technology Review January 2022: Toolholding

Production Machining’s toolholding showcase includes Schwanog, Somma Tool, Big Kaiser (Big Daishowa), Allied Machine & Engineering, Kaiser Tool Co. and Exsys Automation.

Video Tech Brief: Shrink-Fit Collets Explained

Video Tech Brief: Shrink-Fit Collets Explained

For live-tool lathes, shrink-fit collets can speed setups while offering higher tool clamping forces.

Video: The Value of Shrink-Fit Collets for Live-Tool Lathes

Offering reduced setup times, high runout accuracy and high clamping forces, shrink-fit technology for ER collets is now available for live-tool lathes.

Precision Machining Eastec Technology Preview September 2021

Production Machining highlights some of the latest precision machining advances and technology updates that will be showcased at Eastec 2021, Oct. 19-21 in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

PMTS 2021 Product Preview: Cutting Tools and Toolholders

Production Machining highlights some of the upcoming cutting tool and toolholder products to be unveiled at PMTS 2021.

Speed Matters in Microtooling Applications

A variety of tooling spindle options brings micromachining work within reach for shops looking to expand their capabilities.

System Ensures Properly Torqued Tools

A torque-assist system that’s designed to make assembling collet tools easy and fast can help shops avoid problems associated with improperly torqued tools.

Setup Options for Swiss Automatic Lathes

A hydraulic chuck and a counter-balanced centering tool, originally developed as in-house solutions, are now available to address the limited working space that is common in Swiss machining.

Big Kaiser Raises Money for Workforce Development Program

The company will donate 2 percent of orders made by NTMA companies through the end of the year directly to the National Robotics League.

Data-Driven Manufacturing Brings Efficiency to the Shop Floor

Developments in data-driven manufacturing, or digitization of the shop floor, are going far beyond merely knowing whether or not machines are in cycle.

Through-Coolant for Swiss Machines

This system allows shops to quickly transform the standard external-coolant live tooling heads on their turning machine turrets into those with through-tool-coolant capability.

Locking Nut Improves Tool Change-Outs

This company can run its operations safely since it has implemented a mini-nut locking system specifically for Swiss-type automatic lathes.

A Formula for Cutting Tool Success

The hardness and toughness of a tool are generally counteractive forces, and finding the right mix can be a challenge. Wouldn’t it be nice to have both?

ER Collet Chuck and Quick-Change System in One Toolholder

This quick-change system is aimed at addressing cost concerns for companies focused on conserving costs and improving productivity.

Turning Heads with Presetters

As lathes and turning machines pivot toward quick-change tooling models from traditional stick tools, presetters present benefits of keeping chips flying while reducing human error and increasing precision.

8 Easy Tips for Spindle and Toolholder Hygiene

A minute chip floating in coolant swarf left to dry on a toolholder taper can eventually become a serious interference at the machine tool spindle-toolholder interface.

More Tools for Swiss-Types

Iscar is expanding its line of square-shank toolholders for Swiss-type automatics and CNC machine tools by adding new tools for high pressure coolant and also tools without the internal coolant feature.

Coolant-Through System, Toolholders for Improved Efficiencies

Eastec 2023: The reCool retrofittable reCool coolant-through system converts existing flood-cooled driven tools on turning machines to through-tool, coolant-capable in as little as two minutes, while the powRgrip high-precision toolholding system is said to generate extremely high clamping forces equal to or higher than shrink-fit holders.

Haimer Products Enhance Shrink-fit Toolholding

Eastec 2023: The Power Clamp Air i4.0 and the Nano NG i4.0 are specially designed for the shrink-fit process.

Exsys’ Preci-Flex Tooling System Reduces Setup, Changeover Times

PMTS 2023: The system’s short, compact design helps to ensure maximum torque transmission and rigidity, resulting in increased machining accuracy and improved productivity.

Crowley Tool’s Modular Slide Holders for Multi-Spindle Screw Machines

PMTS 2023: The interlocking design yields accurate and solid lockup of the insert module to the slide holder.

Double-Datum Tooling Carbide Tooling With Interchangeable Components

PMTS 2023: These carbide inserted toolholders are said to reduce downtime with fewer tool changes plus faster tool changeover.

Rego-Fix Through-Coolant System for Swiss-Type Machines

PMTS 2023: The reCool RCR/ERM system provides all the benefits of reCool technology to Swiss-type machines while also enabling the use of emulsion or pure oil coolants.