Production Machining Readers Choose April as Favorite Cover from 2022

The results of our recent cover survey reveal that a shot of a B-axis Swiss-type’s workzone was the most intriguing to survey participants.


Getting More Production From Swiss Turning Centers

Buying a new CNC Swiss turning center is a substantial investment. For the best return, look closely for capabilities that enable the best utilization of the machine.

VIDEO: Swiss Shop’s Choice of Collets Facilitates Backworking

This Swiss shop discovered workholding collets that satisfy the needs of its very small, delicate and complex medical parts production on the subspindle, making once impossible processes not only doable but more efficient and esthetically pleasing. 

CAD/CAM’s Role in How Machine Shop Benefits from its First Swiss-Type

This manufacturer of high-end RC cars leverages the capabilities of its CAD/CAM software to get the most out of its first Swiss-type lathe even when job batch sizes are relatively low.

Swiss-Type Lathe Runs 2-Inch Parts Complete

This Swiss-type multitasking machine does all the crosswork and endwork milling, drilling and tapping complete, and even engraving and deburring, on one machine.

Swiss-Type Turning Point

This northern Ohio shop recently added its first Swiss-type lathe to gain long stretches of unattended machining largely because its continuous efforts to find new operators for its more conventional equipment had proven to be unfruitful.

The Right (Machine) Tool for the Right Job

This high-production shop uses both mechanical and CNC Swiss machines to make parts, but which machine is right for which job?

Inside an Amish-Owned Family Machine Shop

Modern Machine Shop, PM’s sister brand, took an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of an Amish-owned machine shop, where advanced machining technologies work alongside old-world traditions.

Shop Optimizes its Swiss-Turning Flexibility

Paramount Machine uses various Swiss-type lathes, some with a B axis, to produce parts more effectively than it did on conventional chucker lathes. Today, nearly every job under 1.5 inches in diameter runs across those machines even if the batch size is a mere 5 pieces.

Fast Change Tooling System Increases Spindle Uptime

This coolant-through tooling system replacement for the gang plate on a Swiss-type machine can save hours of spindle downtime per day as well as increase tool life and enhance chip control.

Video Tech Brief: Dual Thread Whirling on a Swiss-Type CNC Lathe

The dual thread whirling units on Tsugami Swiss-type lathes can produce medical bone screws with two different thread leads in one setup, eliminating the need for single-point threading.


How to Get More Efficient Production from Swiss-Type and Multitasking Machines

SolidCAM for multi-axis Swiss type and multitasking machines provides a very efficient CAM programming process, generating optimal and safe Mill-Turn programs, with dramatically improved milling tool life.

Low Frequency Vibration Increases Job Shop’s Productivity

With the ability to machine difficult materials more efficiently while improving surface finish, this job shop is reaping the benefits of its Swiss-type lathes that incorporate low frequency vibration.

Carving Out a Niche in CNC Plastics Machining

This Vermont shop focuses solely on machining plastics — some filled with abrasive glass — for a range of industries. That makes it stand apart from others, but means it also faces challenges that metal machining shops often don’t encounter.

Video Tech Brief: Vacuum-Assist Collection of Small, Machined Parts

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom offers an optional vacuum collection system for very small parts machined on its Swiss-type CNC lathes to avoid losing or damaging parts. Main system components are 3D-printed made at its U.S. headquarters.

Vertical Integration Enables Rapid Manufacturing Response

For this contract manufacturer, having myriad machining and manufacturing capabilities in-house enables it to deliver assemblies to customers faster and with higher quality.

New Line of Swiss-Types for Job Shops Eyeing High-Production Work

Mazak now offers the Syncrex line of Swiss-type CNC lathes — its first — targeting machine shops getting into higher volume production of complex parts.

PMTS 2021 Product Preview: CNC Turning Centers and Swiss-Types

Learn about some of the new CNC turning centers and Swiss-Type lathes to be displayed at PMTS 2021.

6 Tips for Training on a Swiss-Type Lathe

There are nuances to training a person to effectively operate a Swiss-type lathe. A shop I visited a while back offers some suggestions.

As a Business Evolves, So Does its Machining Technology

Gent Machine, now under its fourth-generation of family ownership, has made operational and equipment decisions to position it for continued success moving forward.