How Fast Can You Change Over a Multi-Spindle?

Today’s CNC multi-spindles feature design elements that enable these high-production machine tools to be effective for lower-volume jobs that require more frequent setups.


How to Get More Efficient Production from Swiss-Type and Multitasking Machines

SolidCAM for multi-axis Swiss type and multitasking machines provides a very efficient CAM programming process, generating optimal and safe Mill-Turn programs, with dramatically improved milling tool life.
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What’s Still Cam-Driven and Why?

Combining select cam-driven functions with CNC technology for this multi-spindle platform is said to help reduce machine cost while retaining high machining speed, precision and production.

Production Turning to CNC

The precision production turning industry is trending away from cam-actuated automatics. While limited legacy machine capability and skilled labor resources are two large factors, economics is the primary driver.

PMTS 2021 Product Preview: CNC Turning Centers and Swiss-Types

Learn about some of the new CNC turning centers and Swiss-Type lathes to be displayed at PMTS 2021.
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Speed, Process Control Combine in Refreshened Multi-Spindle Platform

A screw machine design known for its high production speed — but also its finicky nature to set up and run — has evolved to provide computer control, better accuracy and improved repeatability.

The Value of a CNC Multi-Spindle Chucker

For near-net-shape workpieces, a multi-spindle chucker might make sense when part production volumes are high.

Video: Machine Shop President Explains Advantages of Tool Presetters

When contract shop MetalQuest purchased its first multi-spindle, it also purchased a dedicated tool presetter for the machine. Learn why the company president feels shops of all sizes can benefit from measuring tools offline.

IMTS spark Session: Production Matters — Why a CNC Multi-Spindle Makes Sense for MetalQuest

Live discussion on Dec. 18 focuses on MetalQuest’s decision to diversify by adding its first CNC multi-spindle machine for greatly reduced cycle times on an existing high-volume job.

Why a CNC Multi-Spindle Machining Center Makes Sense for MetalQuest

An early adopter of multitasking equipment, this Nebraska contract manufacturer has taken what it feels is the next logical step to diversify by adding a multi-spindle for greatly reduced cycle times on an existing high-volume job.

Precision Machining Technology Moving Shops Forward

New equipment and software continue to be developed to support the needs of production machine shops like yours. Here’s a sample of technology now on the market that can help you grow your operation and become more efficient.

Turning Machines Help Firearms Supplier Achieve Rapid Growth

Working closely with its machine tool supplier, this firearms manufacturer has quickly expanded its lineup of turning machines to deliver quality products and faster delivery.

Burr-Free Micro Thread Whirling

Threading is usually the last operation when machining components, which is why the process needs to be reliable and highly precise. DC Swiss has developed an internal thread whirler, which leaves micro threads burr-free, even in demanding, hard-to-machine materials.
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An Unconventional Approach to Multi-Spindle Production

This shop went with its gut, pushing back on the suppliers who said, "You're making a mistake." It's creative use of multi-spindle technology for small lot sizes is no mistake.

Multi-Spindles Bring Flexibility to Automotive Supplier

To remain among the top players in a highly competitive market requires innovative minds and efficient, flexible production equipment. This Germany-based automotive supplier possesses both and supports its extraordinary growth with a growing number of CNC multi-spindles.

Shop Evolves with CNC Turning

Debbie Sommers answered a newspaper ad for a receptionist job at a South Elgin, Illinois, screw machine shop in 1980. Today, she owns the shop, an 18,000-square-foot facility with 20 employees and sales growth of 25 percent in 2017.

Taking CNC Multis to a New Level

A visit to EMO, should be on the top of anyone’s list to see the latest in machining technology.

Two New Twists on Thread Whirling

Thread whirling as a metalworking process dates to the 1940s. Recently, developments in production speeds, based on this increasingly popular process, are impacting thread manufacturers.

Automatic Lathe Maximizes Number of Operations in One Machine

PMTS 2023: Esco’s Escomatic D6 CNC Ultra automatic lathe makes it possible to machine the front and back of the workpiece simultaneously.

Multispindle Automatic Lathe With Full System Concept

PMTS 2023: Tajmac’s Penta TMZ 518 is a five-spindle automatic lathe that features an island concept which offers the machine as a package.

DMG MORI’s NTX 500 Compact Turn-Mill for Complete Machining

Compact turn-mill is designed to be a versatile manufacturing solution for machining increasingly complex workpieces.

Mazak Integrex i-100HS Multitasking Machine for Complex Part Applications

It is said the machine combines the abilities of a high-powered turning center with a full-function machining center to produce small- and medium-sized workpieces in single setups.

Index MS32-6 Multi-Spindle Automatic Lathe Features Flexible Tool Slide

Six-spindle machine with a flexible tool slide platform is said to easily handle a wide variety of complex parts.