Filling the Tall Order of Inventory Management

Rable Machine continues to refine the inventory management services the shop offers its top customers. It has found that providing these services — something other shops can’t or won’t do — makes it more of a partner with those customers, rather just a vendor.

Adding ERP? Set up a Test Environment Before Going Live

Adding ERP? Set up a Test Environment Before Going Live

Are you planning to add an ERP solution or switch to a new platform for your CNC machine shop? Setting up a test environment enables your employees to learn and train for the new software and can help ensure success. Here are five reasons why that is.

ERP Leads Shop to Adopt a Paperless Initiative

Enterprise resource planning software is not only enabling Chapter 2 to better manage its range of machining and manufacturing capabilities but also helping it go paperless.

Use Your Machine Shop Management System as a Sales Tool

Why not leverage an effective shop management system for your sales/marketing advantage in today’s competitive market?

Outflanking the Competition in Defense Manufacturing

Here are four key strategies to help defense industry manufacturers attack the additional challenges they must often face.

ERP Can Be More Than Planning

From accounting and order tracking to scheduling and inventory management, this workholding equipment supplier is only beginning to realize the full benefits of its ERP system.

Extensive Tooling Offering Supports Precision Shop’s Success

Zahn GmbH relies on Arno-Werkzeuge for helping the company produce high precision parts using Arno’s customized cutting tools and optimizing its enterprise resource planning system (ERP).

Lean Strategies Drive Automotive Efficiency

A cloud-based lean execution system tying together multiple MES and ERP platforms across this automotive supplier's global operations has led to improvements in production, maintenance and quality.

Manufacturing Data Collection and Management Transforms Swiss Shop

A New Hampshire high-volume precision solutions manufacturer and an innovative software solutions provider have collaborated in upgrading the shop’s data collection and organization methods, maximizing output and competitiveness.

IoT Round Two—From Monitoring to Having a Say

Organizations must make sure their ERP software is IoT ready or risk being left behind by agile competitors.

Using ERP as a Foundation for Data-Driven Manufacturing

During a manual screw machine shop’s transition to CNC, it implemented an ERP system that will serve as the base for data-driven manufacturing.

Employee Structure Provides Foundation for Success

By changing from a linear production system to a flexible, cell-based system, a shop is setting itself up to adapt to production changes and incorporate new technology.

Hexagon Forms Production Software Business

Vero Software, FASys and Spring Technologies will adopt Hexagon’s corporate identity.

Portable Shop Management Software

This article looks at an advancement from Henning Software called iVET Mobile Application that ties into the company’s ERP system.

Moving Toward a Smart Factory with Manufacturing Analytics

MachineMetrics Inc. has identified a gap in machine monitoring, as manually tracking data can be inefficient to track and can be inaccurate and reactive, but real-time data allows companies to make fast, proactive decisions to bring efficiency to their processes.

Taking Shop Management Software on the Road

In a fast-moving shop where every minute counts, efficiency of operation is the key to success. Every time someone must leave his or her workcenter to review workorders, check on status or log into a workorder operation, time is wasted.

Developing a Platform for Data-Driven Manufacturing

With the eventual goal of adding machine condition monitoring, this company began by installing an ERP system as a foundation to build upon, flattening the learning curve with each step toward achieving increased process oversight.

Paperless Parts Quoting Platform Streamlines Estimating Process

Eastec 2023: Recent updates to Paperless Parts include performance enhancements to the 3D Part Viewer that improve the ability to navigate complex parts and assemblies.

Maier Machine Tools' Digital Twin Shortens Development Time

PMTS 2023: Maier’s Virtual Engineering supports developers and engineers in optimally integrating digital twins into their processes.

EAC's IoT Platform Connects Shop Floor With Actionable Data

PMTS 2023: The ThingWorx platform establishes a single source of data for collecting, aggregating and enabling secure and easy access to data for different job roles at multiple locations.

Software Offers Real-time Machine Monitoring, Preventive Maintenance

PMTS 2023: This cloud-based, real-time machine monitoring and preventive maintenance management platform can be installed in minutes and deployed throughout one facility or a company’s entire global operation.

Datanomix Automated Production Intelligence Platform for ProShop ERP Software

PMTS 2023: Automated Job Costing analytics compare ProShop ERP target cycle times to actual process performance in the Datanomix Automated Production Intelligence Platform.

ProShop ERP Digital Ecosystem Reduces Setup Time

PMTS 2023: The ProShop ERP digital ecosystem is designed to address the needs of project management for small to medium-sized companies. Through its integration with other manufacturing software, ProShop is said to help ease project management.