NSK America Spindle System Supports Lights-Out Manufacturing


Eastec 2023: The iSpeed5 electric, high-speed motor/spindle uses a specially designed connection that can withstand coolant, chips, dust and other machining debris from contaminating the stop block.

Cosen Band Saws With Manual, Vertical Tilt-Frame


Eastec 2023: The V-1822 Tilt-Frame Band Saw features a manual design and enables miter cuts ranging from 0 to 60 degrees in both directions.

Paperless Parts Quoting Platform Streamlines Estimating Process


Eastec 2023: Recent updates to Paperless Parts include performance enhancements to the 3D Part Viewer that improve the ability to navigate complex parts and assemblies.

Coolant-Through System, Toolholders for Improved Efficiencies


Eastec 2023: The reCool retrofittable reCool coolant-through system converts existing flood-cooled driven tools on turning machines to through-tool, coolant-capable in as little as two minutes, while the powRgrip high-precision toolholding system is said to generate extremely high clamping forces equal to or higher than shrink-fit holders.

SMW Autoblok's Workholding System Removes Obstacles


Eastec 2023: MillTec makes it is easier to carry out complex operations with five-sided access to the part.

Haimer Products Enhance Shrink-fit Toolholding


Eastec 2023: The Power Clamp Air i4.0 and the Nano NG i4.0 are specially designed for the shrink-fit process.

Walter Xtra-tec XT Milling Tools Feature Pocket Design


Eastec 2023: Walter’s Xtended Technology (XT) milling tools offer large cross-sections for maximum tool stability and a larger contact surface for a secure seat and reduced surface pressure.

Broaching Tools for Keyways, Internal and External Profiles


Eastec 2023: The REV motorized broaching tools are well suited for machining simple keyways or internal and external profiles, both teeth and splines.

Tsugami America Lathe Enables Simultaneous Machining


Eastec 2023: The BW129Z Swiss-type lathe uses a three-path control system and dual independent-gang slides to reduce cycle time and produce complex parts quickly.

Custom Form Tools Reduce Cycle Times


Eastec 2023: Schwanog offers form tool systems, producing individual tools in very small series. Batch sizes from 3 to 50 units can be produced at any time.