Production Machining Readers Choose April as Favorite Cover from 2022

The results of our recent cover survey reveal that a shot of a B-axis Swiss-type’s workzone was the most intriguing to survey participants.


Production Machining November 2022 issue

Here is the Production Machining cover that recent survey participants chose as their favorite from 2022. Click here to receive the magazine in print and/or digital form. 

In what I’d call an old-school yet neat shot, participants in our 2022 Production Machining favorite cover survey chose the April issue shown to the left.

That cover story highlights Salt Lake City’s Paramount Machine, which is not afraid to run jobs of a mere five pieces on its Tsugami America Swiss-types such as the one I photographed for the cover.

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All of the Tsugamis are “convertible” models, and one part of the shop’s strategy with its Swiss-types is keeping them in chucker mode most of the time and scheduling accordingly, unless a job requires a guide bushing. The shop says these machines run in chucker mode 80% of the time. This helps by reducing changeover time to new jobs. The time to change from chucker and guide bushing modes is only 30 to 45 minutes.

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We’ll do it again next year!