Production Machining Editorial Submission Guidelines

Production Machining covers the manufacture of precision parts in high volumes — commonly referred to as the precision machined parts industry. We welcome articles and illustrations of products and services germane to all aspects of this industry.



Each section description below covers a key area of the magazine for which Production Machining will consider editorial submissions. Word count and image requirements are included along with links to examples of the described section.


Feature articles are the primary editorial content of the magazine. Each issue includes at least two emphasis topics, and feature articles should present a comprehensive discussion of one of these topics. Story angles include case studies of successful shop practices or detailed explanations of processes or technologies that could positively impact a manufacturer’s business.

Featured Content

Contributors should consult the editors prior to submission of potential feature material. WORD COUNT: 1,800-2,000. High-resolution, color photography and/or illustrations are mandatory. Here is an example.


The Parts Cleaning section is published four times a year. It is designed to be a discovery tool for our readers who have an interest in all types of cleaning operations for machined parts.

The section consists of a feature article, case history, or technical piece as well as new products in the parts cleaning segment. Our content is focused on the latest cleaning trends, best practices and cutting-edge technology. Find an example here.


Case in Point articles cover applied technology by discussing how a product or service has positively impacted, in a quantified way, the operation of a precision machined parts business. It’s a case study format that states a problem and explains how application of a product or service solved the problem.

The solution is quantified by explaining in various metrics better throughput, lower costs, faster cycle times, longer tool life and so on. WORD COUNT: 800-1,200. High-resolution, color photography and/or illustrations are mandatory. Here is an example.


Tech Briefs cover technological innovations as they relate to the manufacturing of precision machined parts. We ask for a concise, generic treatment of the subject technology that cites the potential usefulness of the product or service as it relates to the reader’s interest. WORD COUNT: 800-1,000. High-resolution, color photography and/or illustrations are mandatory. Find an example here.


The News section covers time-sensitive industry events, personnel changes, relocations, news about companies and other industry-specific announcements. WORD COUNT: 100-250. This is primarily a text-only section. Here is an example.


New Products are covered in press releases that should cite the features and benefits of new products or services that relate to the precision machined parts industry. WORD COUNT: 200-500. High-resolution, color images and/ or illustrations are preferred, but not mandatory.


Last Word is a one-page guest column providing an executive overview of a current industry trend or challenge. Bylined by an industry leader, content should be a general discussion of the topic. WORD COUNT: About 700 words. A high-resolution portrait-style photo of the contributor, along with job title and contact information, is required.


Production Machining will edit any editorial submissions for content and to conform to our style guide. Contributed feature articles must be exclusive and must not have been published previously in another publication. Submitter understands that each manuscript and all other material accepted for publication or presentation is accepted on condition that submitter assents to Gardner Business Media’s Standard Terms, available here.


Feature articles should be submitted as Microsoft Word (.doc) documents. Tables, graphs, photographs and other illustrations must be separate files, rather than incorporated or embedded within the text document.



Images should be in .jpg or .tif file formats, with a minimum resolution of 1,200 dpi. All photographic materials must be clear, sharp, in focus and properly exposed. Captions should be provided for each photograph, and each photograph should be identified.

We also accept raw video in .wmv, .avi, .mov formats and have the capability to add text, narration and other effects. We can also accept and embed videos that have been posted to YouTube or Vemo. Please note, video is most likely to be used when it illustrates a process or teaches a viewer how to do something. Corporate profiles, product advertisements and other promotional video footage are unlikely to be used.


Files larger than 20 MB can be uploaded at


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