The precision machining community is getting set for the Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS) 2023 set for April 18-20, 2023, in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Huntington Convention Center. It’s the perfect opportunity to consider investing in updates for your company’s technology, automation and software to make your business more efficient and productive. PMTS brings a broad range of technologies together all in one place to make your research time more effective.

Production Machining wants to help kick off your research with a series of PMTS Product Previews. In this group, we’re taking a look at Swiss-types, including a sliding headstock lathe for complex parts; a lathe with double B-axis programmable units; machines with four bar capacities; and more.Before you go to the show, don’t miss PMTS show highlights in Derek Korn’s PMTS feature article and look for more PMTS Product Previews each week until the show! And don’t forget to register for the show.

For all the latest PMTS product highlights, please visit our extensive PMTS Preview Section which includes new PMTS products posted every weekday up through the show’s opening day.

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Landscape Photo Credit: Peerless Machinery


  • Swiss-Type Turning Point

    This northern Ohio shop recently added its first Swiss-type lathe to gain long stretches of unattended machining largely because its continuous efforts to find new operators for its more conventional equipment had proven to be unfruitful.

  • 6 Tips for Training on a Swiss-Type Lathe

    There are nuances to training a person to effectively operate a Swiss-type lathe. A shop I visited a while back offers some suggestions.

  • Shop Sets its Sights on Precise Tool Alignment

    A Wisconsin shop has found that visual tool alignment technology has improved tool life and surface finishes for its Swiss-type lathes while increasing throughput as well.