The Difference Between Ra and Rz

While it is best to measure using the parameter specified in the print, there are rules of thumb available that can help clear up the confusion and convert Ra to Rz or Rz to Ra.

Starrett optical comparator

Vision Metrology for Medical

Understanding best practices and the options available with vision measurement systems is particularly important when inspecting complex medical components having stringent traceability requirements.
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Wireless Inspection System Improves Machine Shop's Measurement Efficiency

After implementing a wireless measurement data communication system for its inspection equipment, this machine shop overcame its inefficiencies in its quality department including backlog, accuracy and consistency.


Precision Machining Technology Review June 2022: Measurement

Production Machining’s June measurement showcase includes Big Daishowa, Starrett, Rego-Fix, Sunnen, ViciVision, Emuge-Franken, Renishaw and Mitutoyo.


Precision Laser Measuring in a Grinding Machine

This laser measurement technology inside a grinding machine presents numerous advantages including noncontact, multiple-diameter measurement with no mechanical setup required.


Video Tech Brief: 3D Optical Part Measurement Explained

Oasis Inspection Systems added a rotary stage to its optical measuring units enabling them to perform automated 3D measurement of machined part features.


Precision Machining Technology Review October 2021: Measurement

Production Machining’s measurement showcase includes OGP, Hexagon, LK Metrology and more.

Automation & Robots

Manufacturing Automation Beyond Robots at PMTS

A variety of automated machining and manufacturing processes — including, but not limited to, robotics — that can enable shops to become more efficient were on display at the recent Precision Machining Technology Show.
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Precision Machining Eastec Technology Preview September 2021

Production Machining highlights some of the latest precision machining advances and technology updates that will be showcased at Eastec 2021, Oct. 19-21 in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

PMTS 2021 Product Preview: Automation and Measurement

Learn about some of the new automation and measurement solutions for precision machining that will be on display at PMTS 2021.

Precision Machining Technology Review: Measurement

Production Machining’s April Showcase includes Big Kaiser, L.S. Starrett, LK Metrology, Vison Engineering, Verisurf Software and Carl Zeiss Microscopy names.



Automated Inspection on the Shop Floor

Most machine shops understand the value of automation when it is applied to such operations as turning, milling and grinding.


To Scan or Not to Scan

Industrial metrology professionals are constantly tasked with finding the best methodology to inspect parts.

Automation & Robots

Programmable Gages Help Create Automation Cell

Conroe Machine (Conroe, Texas) is doing what most machine shops only dream of: hard turning a family of parts around the clock in an unmanned cell that operates a “self-controlled” process.


Does a Scanning Probe Make Sense on a Swiss-Type?

Swiss-types have limited tooling capacity, but there can be advantages to giving up some of that capacity to take advantage of a touch probe — in fact, a scanning probe — to enable in-process part measurements.


Video: Machine Shop President Explains Advantages of Tool Presetters

When contract shop MetalQuest purchased its first multi-spindle, it also purchased a dedicated tool presetter for the machine. Learn why the company president feels shops of all sizes can benefit from measuring tools offline.


Profilometer Choices

Learn the difference between skidded and skidless profilometers that can be used to measure the surface roughness of machined parts.

Measure 3D Parts Without Losing Time

This high-speed metrology and inspection system is said to process complex geometries faster than traditional inspection methods.

IMTS spark Session: Production Matters — Why a CNC Multi-Spindle Makes Sense for MetalQuest

Live discussion on Dec. 18 focuses on MetalQuest’s decision to diversify by adding its first CNC multi-spindle machine for greatly reduced cycle times on an existing high-volume job.

Why a CNC Multi-Spindle Machining Center Makes Sense for MetalQuest

An early adopter of multitasking equipment, this Nebraska contract manufacturer has taken what it feels is the next logical step to diversify by adding a multi-spindle for greatly reduced cycle times on an existing high-volume job.