Horizontal & Vertical Lathes

Software Controls Chip Breaking in Thread Turning Operations

This cutting tool manufacturer has developed a software module for chip control of thread turning operations in virtually any CNC lathe, even for older machines, using specific tooling and software.
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Getting More Production From Swiss Turning Centers

Buying a new CNC Swiss turning center is a substantial investment. For the best return, look closely for capabilities that enable the best utilization of the machine.

Transfer Machines

PMTS 2023 Product Preview: High-Volume Turning

Learn about some of the latest high-volume turning solutions that will be on display at PMTS 2023.


Automation in the Alps: Studer AG Unveils New Grinding Concepts

Studer AG, member company of United Grinding, held its annual press conference at its Swiss Alps location earlier this month to announce its new automatic loaders to accompany its existing grinding machines as well as other offerings and automation features. 

Bar Feeders

Reinventing the Wheel with Robot-Automated CNC Multitasking

One race team discovers how to efficiently manufacture a new wheel nut design for the next-generation NASCAR stock car with the help of a CNC mill/turn and a built-in robot.


Production Machining Readers Choose April as Favorite Cover from 2022

The results of our recent cover survey reveal that a shot of a B-axis Swiss-type’s workzone was the most intriguing to survey participants.

Single & Multi-Spindles

Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Single- and Multi-Spindles

This twin-spindle automatic lathe with six cross-slide mounted turrets is designed for medium-sized production runs that might not be suitable for conventional multi-spindles.

What is CNC Peel Grinding?

It resembles single-point turning on a lathe because, similar to a lathe’s tool, the grinding wheel moves in the X and Z axes to grind contours, diameters and other features.

5 Grinding Considerations for Improving Surface Finish

Improving surface finish can be done by making adjustments to one or more of these points: operational parameters, wheel dressing, grit size, coolant delivery and machine condition.

Swiss-Type Add-On System Enables In-Line Inspection

When small part inspection and/or segregation is critical, this flexible, automated unloading and palletizing system for Swiss-type lathes can be the answer. 



Cylindrical Grinder Shows Off High Precision

The United Grinding Studer S131r cylindrical ID-radius grinding machine targets tough ID grinding operations and a range of hard-to-machine materials.

Automation & Robots

3D Printing Creates a Window of Automation Opportunity

For this Omaha shop, periodic part inspection required an automated turning cell to pause production. Printing a plastic parts collection chute for delivery outside the cell solved this problem, and it turns out the shop has found 3D printing to be valuable in many other ways.

Machining Centers & Milling Machines

Where Automated Five-Axis Machining Isn’t a Challenge

A Minnesota shop recently added a five-axis machine with integrated pallet changer to perform days-long stretches of precision, repeatable small-parts machining on its own.


Precision Machining Technology Review November 2022: Grinding

Production Machining showcases some of the latest grinding technology from United Grinding, Rollomatic, Norton | Saint-Gobain, Star Cutter Co., Strausak and Okamoto Corp.

Cutting Tools

Shop Sets its Sights on Precise Tool Alignment

A Wisconsin shop has found that visual tool alignment technology has improved tool life and surface finishes for its Swiss-type lathes while increasing throughput as well.

Horizontal & Vertical Lathes

Growth Comes When Machining Challenges Are Met

Manufacturers such as SDP/SI that embrace machining challenges ultimately find ways to become more efficient and profitable operations.

Shop Shares Lights-Out Lessons Learned

Automated machining and data collection have helped Custom Tool to not only grow its business through more overnight production but also to establish a continuous improvement mindset that has enabled it to become more efficient in numerous areas.

VIDEO: Swiss Shop’s Choice of Collets Facilitates Backworking

This Swiss shop discovered workholding collets that satisfy the needs of its very small, delicate and complex medical parts production on the subspindle, making once impossible processes not only doable but more efficient and esthetically pleasing. 

Five-Axis Fixturing Fun

This shop creates intricate fixtures — some of which it has given interesting names — for very complex jobs and high-volume work on five-axis machining equipment.