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Supporting the Youth Union in Norway in relation to 22 of Tir in Brussels our unity and homogeneity.
In this regard, the Youth Union in the country of Norway sells scarves with the design of our honourable leader, Dr. Ghasemlou, for the March rally of Brussels.
To buy scarves you can do it from first to seventh of this month.
The price of a scarf per person is 150 Krone.

The price of the scarf is 100 Krone for those who are members of the Union or their children are members. It is necessary that name and phone number of the member should to be sent.

Account Number: 50820799892
vipps: 46430431

People who want to buy scarf in the day of rally can pay cash or pay via a bank card (bank terminal). According to banks, a scarf costs 15 euros.

Scarf Delivery:
Those who buy scarfs now or until the day of march will be delivered on the same day and others who use bus will be delivered in the bus.
The preparation and sale of these scarves is in the hand of Central Committee of Youth Union in Norway. They have yellow clothes and the Youth Union logo, so that you can find them to get the scarves.
According to the Executive Order of the Central Committee of 22 of Tir (Brussels), the sale of scarves is exclusively available to the Youth Union of the Democratic party of Iranian Kurdistan.

For more information and to buy scarves reach these numbers:
roshana: 46430431
hazhar: 48618796
Diaco: 46230094