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Queer working group 2019 took place in Vienna, Austria from the 13th to 16th of June. 
Paywand ramazani and kazhan Piri represented DYUIK. 
The meeting started 13th of June with a network meeting with NGOs & activists on campaigning & networking 
Second day of the meeting 
the participants started with introduction and the situation of queer rights in their countries. 
At this panel each participant presented a report from the queer rights in their own country and the challenges they are facing at the current situation. And involving at different debates about queer community and what we can do as youth socialist to help queer people and building a save community for them.
Later that day the our representer participated at:
-Workshop -Queer allyship and socialism
- Panel with SOHO and rainbow Rose-fighting the blacklash-be the change.
-Workshop on creating a roadmap for Yearly work.
- Euro Pride Parade