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Members, fans, and friends of the Democratic Youth Union of Iranian Kurdistan! We are pleased to announce that the Youth Union has been working on the publication of the monthly magazine of the youth with the aim of educating and promoting the intellectual and scientific level of the youth, and in this regard, we are trying to make this monthly magazine as a clear voice for the youth and a place to spread the vision and voice of youth freedom in different dimensions. We also strive to disseminate the monthly magazine in a modern fashion on social networks and, with our practice, we can respond to today youth matters and all of them who help the youth in different fields.


Through this announcement, we invite all intellectuals, writers, members, supporters and friends of the Democratic Youth Union of Iranian Kurdistan to contribute to the success and continuation of the publication of the magazine. You can use the following information to send us your writings, documents and poetry in Kurdish and Persian languages.


E-mail: ئەم ئیمەیڵە پارێزراوە لە سپام, پێویستە جاڤا سکریپت چالاک بکەیت بۆ بینینی.
Telegram: @mangnamei_lawan
Tell: 009647511067405


Board members of the magazine:


Editor-in-chief: Omar Faxradin Far
Responsible for the Kurdish Department: Rebwar Masoudi
Responsible for the Persian Department: Souran Shamsi
Designer: Keiwan Gholamali


We appreciate your cooperation in advance


Democratic Youth Union of Iranian Kurdistan
Executive board of the magazine