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Dlnia Piry and Paywand Ramazani represented DYUIK
DYUIK’s Article At The IUSY’s 2019 Mediterranean Committee Conference
Our representatives began with introducing DYUIK to the other participants, and a General explanation about kurdistan and specially Iranian Kurdistan. By putting forward what are the challenges that the youth are facing in the iranian Kurdistan. Then continued with a presentation about the current situation in Iranian Kurdistan, and DYUIK’s stand in Iranian.
Possessing a history of 73 years, since its establishment DYUIK has been struggling against dictatorship during both pre and post era of Islamic Regime of Iran. The desire,will and ambition of Iranian people especially Kurds and Baluchs have been taken for granted by the regime. Kurds are only considered as a minor part of Iran despite the fact that we have a population of nearly 12 millions. Kurds don't have the right to study in their own language and are not recognized as indigenous people of Iran. The people of Iran generally and Kurdistan specifically are suffering from hunger and high prices. Moreover Juvenile class as an integral part of the society cannot find jobs and work in governmental establishments despite holding high degrees in various disciplines. A high rate of suicide among kurdish youths basically emanates from poverty.
Inequality between male and female is at its peak, and military forces imprison them if they can't prove that they are married or siblings. Girls and women are forcefully obliged to wear scarf (veil), and this is predominantly against how they actually want to live. 
In addition, the government allows girls aged below 14 to get married. 
In terms of economy, Eastern Kurdistan owns a huge amount of natural resources that can benefit the people, but they have been neglected by the regime in order to avoid the development of the area. 
Kurdish Nation has always strived for freedom and peace, but in Iran freedom of speech does not exist and the biggest rate of political prisoners and those politically executed are Kurds.
The current Iranian regime is the manifestation of a simultaneous co-existence of populism and neo-liberalism. The Iranian populism which hides itself behind an Islamic revolutionary Islamic propaganda engenders systematically and harshly the repression of all oppositional political aspirations and formations as well as the suppression and discrimination of those ethnic and religious populations who are considered as non-compatible with the populist outlines of the dominant politics. We, as the representative for a Kurdish youth organization have access to a great deal of credible evidence showing this destructive situation. The Kurdish people of Iran has been the subject of a systematic maltreatment since the emergence of the Iranian state, specially during the last 40 years of the Islamic regime. As a neoliberal economic model, Iran is today a fertile ground for a great number of regime-related oligarchs who extract huge profit from the exploitation and impoverishment of the entire Iranian population. The living condition of Iranian household is deplorable. We can talk about the loss of dignity and a rapidly growing misery that go beyond our imaginations.
As we mentioned previously, the principal outline of Iranian politics -both domestic and foreign politics- is motivated by an Islamic ideology which has been omnipresent since the victory of the Iranian Islamic revolution since 1979. This kind of revolutionary ideology is extremely discriminatory and excluding all the greater part of the country’s cultural, political and ethnic diversity from the public space.
According to our perspectives, the major challenges could be related to the role of politics and the democratic institution of our states. The politics must have much more to says vis-à-vis the global economy and try to find constructive policies and outlines for more relevant negotiations and mutual solutions. We need to convince economic actors the best way for all of
us is the enforcement of democratic institutions and the safeguard of the welfare state. In the contrary case, the populism and neoliberalism as two associated regimes of economy and politics continue to growth and as a consequence racism and discrimination of human beings.