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The Voice of America interviewed with (Shareef Hazhariy: a Researcher and Lecturer at the University of Sulaimani) on the 29th commemorations of the assassination of Dr.Ghassemlou in Vienna-Austria.

Q1) 29 years ago the general secretary of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan a well-known Kurdish leader Dr.Ghassemlou was assassinated in Vienna-Austria, in the last few days the State Department of the United States of America had formally made a statement and publically stated out that an Iranian group under diplomatic mission to Vienna with diplomatic passports issued to them by the Iranian regime were responsible to carry out the act of the assassination of Dr.Ghassemlou.

You as a Researcher of the history of Kurdish Politics and as a Lecturer at the University of Sulaimani; in your opinion why do you think it is so important that after 29 years of the assassination, now the State Department of the United States is formally and publically talks about the assassination of Dr.Ghassemlou and brings up the case again?

A1) Shareef Hazhariy: honestly right after the assassination of Dr. Ghassemlou on 13-07-1989 the State Department of the United States of America had formally sent a Secrets cable to the Foreign Ministry of Austria- which I had published this document to the Medias after finding them throughout my research. The State Department of America formally requested the Foreign Ministry of Austria to do whatever it takes to prevent the terrorists carrying Iranian diplomatic passports stationed at the Iranian Embassy in Vienna to return back to Iran and this was done simply to prevent or to suppress international terrorism.
Unfortunately, the Austrian Government at that time did not comply with the United States requests and could not capture the Iranian Terrorists.
The Iranian terrorist plot and mission in Vienna Austrian and assassinated the most well-known Kurdish leader then later went back to Iran and now the Iranian terrorists whom responsible for the assassination of Dr.Ghassemlou have high government posts in Tehran. This has encouraged the Iranian Regime to plot more assassination missions as a result they successfully assassinated more Iranian oppositions on the European ground as well as in the American and Middle Eastern Countries.

For instance, in 1992 in Berlin-Germany, a group of Iranian terrorists assassinated Dr. Sharifkandy who took place of Dr. Ghassemlou as the general secretary of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan. Fortunately the German government quickly knew about the assassination’s plot and apprehended the terrorists whom also carried Iranian Diplomatic Passports.
The German Court had convicted the Iranian Government as a state sponsoring international terrorism, and also issued a warrant for the Iranian president at that time and for the Minister of the Secret Service of Iran, also had the Terrorists convicted and sentenced to serve in prisons.
I had published an article this year, where I had referred to the Secret Documents of the Austrian Parliament and had evidence that the Austrian Government in 1989 was not serious and unwilling to arrest the Iranian Terrorists. That is why they were able to return back to Iran.
As a Researcher and the Kurdish Writer, I have been exploring and addressing this case very closely from 2004 until now. I have many documents about this case; also have published some of the significant documents in my books and my articles from the last few years until now. Now the State Department of the United States is formally and publically talks about the assassination of Dr. Ghassemlou and brings up the case again because this case is still not closed and the Iranian militias, groups and spies have been continuing their terrorist activities against PDKI members and Kurdish liberal activists especially in Iraq.


Q2)we at the Voice of America have received those documents you have published as part of your research articles, where you have provided evidences that after a few months of the assassination of Dr. Ghassemlou the State Department of America has asked in the secret cable to the Austrian Foreign Ministry to have tight measures in place to have the terrorists apprehended and prevent them from returning back to Iran.

Now our question to you as specialist and an active Researcher on this case is that why America has been criticized by most peoples that it did not take an action at that time and remained silence all these years but now after 29 years of the assassination of Dr. Ghassemlou, America come out and openly, publicly talks about this case?

A2) Shareef Hazhariy: actually this question is very valuable and important, because those writers mistakenly think that America is in control of everything in the world. I have been asked this question by many writers and journalists. I have clearly answered them in my interviews and had clearly explained that America is not in control of the political affairs of many of the European, African and Middle Eastern Countries and America cannot do whatever it desires or dictate in their affairs.
When, America had formally asked the Austrian Government in a formal statement in the secret cable to take tight measure to prevent the Iranian terrorists to go back to Iran. Also in my research statements through the Austrian Parliament’s secret notes, I have clearly came to conclusions and have proven that the Austrian Government was aware that the Iranian terrorists had committed the crime and assassination, but was unwilling to arrest the terrorists. Also based on the Parliament secret notes, the Austrian Parliamentarians had clearly proved that their government in 1989 was aware and had clear evidence that the Iranian terrorists had committed the assassination and was reluctant to arrest them in the Embassy of Iran in Vienna. This indicates that this was completely a matter of the Austrian’s affairs since the assassination was made on its land, and American government could not dictate in its affairs.

The American government has been after these terrorists involved in the assassination and also after other Iranian terrorists for 29 years now wants them to be brought to the justice, that is only reason why we are witnessing president Trump's administration openly and publicly making statements about the assassination and other Iranian terrorist activities.

Also, in regards to this matter, Mr. Brian Hook, the person in charge of the Iranian affairs at the State Department announced that it is a shame that some states around the globe keep their silence about the Iranian Regime's involvement with the assassinations and terrorism plots in Iraq, Syria, and around the world.

As a humanitarian, researcher, and writer I hope all other states and countries around the world to openly condemn the Iranian terrorism just as the United States of America, Israel and Germany have done it.


Q3) Mr. Shareef Hazhariy in the past through publishing many evidences in your research findings, and also holding many seminars about Dr. Ghassemlou and his assassination case, how could you do those many research findings (Have you ever been threatened), and would you please explain why Dr. Ghassemlou was so important and elaborate on his qualities as a well-known leader?

A3) Shareef Hazhariy: It has known to everyone that my first theoretical research was on Dr. Ghassemlou in 2004. During studying MA at the University of London (2012-2014), I was able to collect many of the British secret documents about the Kurds and Kurdistan. Luckily, I had translated and published many of them. I came to conclusions that the ideas, ideologies and theories of Dr. Ghassemlou as a unique Kurdish leader can solve the Kurdish question at this time and in the future.
Dr.Ghassemlou was known as a freedom loving person in the world, according to the international documents he was the only Middle Eastern leader that spoke ten global languages fluently.

Dr.Ghassemlou was the only Kurdish leader that introduced the Kurdish question and struggles to the world. He was the only leader who organized and established a modern political party, and brought and implemented morality in politics in his political party's internal constitutions and regulations also among its party's members.

He believed in democracy completely, believed in human rights, believed in freedom of expression and respected all the religions; also let’s not forget that his mother was a Christian.
Dr. Ghassemlou was against any kind of terrorist acts and any sort of violence that was against humanity. His entire struggle was for freedom and democracy of all the nations living in Iran. He wanted all the nations in Iran live in peace together. He wanted the Kurdish nation in Iran live in a harmony peaceful and democratic society and not lives under occupations and aggression of any other nations.
Dr. Ghassemlou thought the radical groups as well as the terrorist organizations and the Iranian Regime were the cancer in the Middle East, because they all were against human rights for women, freedom of religions, and more importantly against the freedom of the Kurdish people, a nation whom always faced aggression, genocide, occupation and suppression.
As a University Lecturer, Kurdish freedom activist and researcher consider myself responsible for defending Kurdish nation human rights and defending different minority religions including the Yazidis, Christians, and the Zoroastrians, etc.
My books and articles have been read by many Kurdish peoples, and they truly admired my views and my researches. For this reasons; I am responsible for defending the democratic rights of my nation.
It is clear that due to my activities, the terrorist organizations and groups whom affiliated with the Iranian regime have threatened me several times and have plotted to assassinate me.
As long as I am alive I promise my nation that will always defend their human rights and work until gaining the rights and freedoms for them, including the freedom of expression and rights of religious liberty. By doing so, we can create a healthy and free society and respecting law, as result everyone can live in full freedom and have the liberty as human beings.

Mr. Shareef Hazhariy here at The Voice of America thanks you for your participation in this Interview.