dewrey kadri lawan 4.95 4Lawan: The Democratic Youth Union of Iranian Kurdistan held a course with the goal of developing amazing members for the organization, and to give out a certificate of graduation in political course held in Koya – Kurdistan.

The 8th Congress of Youth Union was held with ‘’Today we struggle, so that tomorrow we can live free’’ as their slogan. Developing the members is one of the critical things that we Youth Union have taken upon ourselves. With this in mind the organization at the 5th Congress decided to educate members of the organization around the world with a course in Kurdistan.

The course started on 26. June. 2016 which makes it on 6. Pushperi/July.2716 (Iranian Calendar). The course continued for 15 days, and ended on 10th July.2016 which is equivalent to 20th Pushperi/July.1395 (Iranian Calendar)

The subject of this educational course were the following

-          Politics and attitudes of youth union

-          The procedure of PDKI’s new struggle and its mechanisms

-          Organizational activities and Youth Union as an organization dealing with youth matter in Eastern Kurdistan

-          Diplomacy and communication fundamentals of PDKI

-          A discussion on introducing Islamic Republic of Iran

-          Nationalism and Kurdish nationalism

-          History, Policy and principles of Youth Union of Iranian Kurdistan

-          History of PDKI

-          Political Islam

-          The techniques of Media in PDKI’s new slogan

-          Women’s circumstances in eastern Kurdistan

-          Analyzing recent matters of eastern Kurdistan

-          The impacts of soft war

-          The rejuvenated struggle of eastern Kurdistan and youth’s role

-          Persian Nationalism and their perspective on Kurdish Struggle

Our last class with Youth Union was held around the borders of East Kurdistan. We had the pleasure to be welcomed by the special military forces of PDKI. In this last class, our members of Youth Union were surrounded by Kurdish mountains.

The Democratic Youth Union of Iranian Kurdistan is one of the first organizations for teenagers in every part of the Kurdistan, and it was established on 19 Feb,1946. 

The Youth Union works for Kurdish teenagers, with the goal of educating them about Kurdish community,culture, politics, equality and how to be intellectual. Keeping in mind, the Youth Union has always wanted  people of Kurdistan to get educated and grow as one of the biggest nationalistic people. Youth Union has as a goal to help its teenagers/members become  intellectual, modest, and know their civil rights, and  be aware of their obligations in the community. Youth Union wants its teenagers/members to grow in a free and a democratic world.

One of the statutory obligation of Youth Union is to raise and produce quality members with young Kurdish boys and girls.

The History of Youth Union is divided in to 3 levels:

The time around The Democratic Kurdistan Republic – 1324 (With Iranian Calendar)

Shining with a positive outrage from the Kurdish people - 1357 (With Iranian Calendar)

On the month ‘’Galavej’’ – (The beginning of august) in the year 1378 (With Iranian Calendar)

The Democratic Youth Union of Iranian Kurdistan 1. Agust.1394 (With Iranian Calendar), held their 8th congress with the tittle ‘’Congress for the 70th year of Youth Union’’ with the slogan ‘’ Today we struggle, so that we can live free tomorrow.’’