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13084169 1085564511504150 1860212580 nبەشداری هه یه تی یه کیه تی لاوانی دێموکراتی کوردستانی ئێران له چل و یەکه مین کۆنگرەی (DSU) لە دانمارک 
هه یه تێک له یه کیه تی لاوانی دێموکراتی کوردستانی ئێران بە سەرپەرشتی هه ژار دەشتی و هاوڕێی له گه ڵ ژیان مێهرابی و سەحه ر حسامی به بانگێشتی ڕەسمی یه کیه تی لاوانی سۆسیال دێموکراتی دانمارک لە وڵاتی دانمارک  بەشداری ٤١کەمین کۆنگرەی ئه م ڕێخراوە به یان کرد.

رێکەوتی ٢٢.٤.٢٠١٦ کاتژمێر ١٣.٠٠ نیوڕۆ کۆنگرە بە ڕەسمی دەستی بە کارەکانی خۆی کرد. کردنەوەی کۆنگرە لەلایەن سکرتێری حیزبی سۆسیال دێموکراتی دانمارک خاتو مێتە فرێدیکسن بوو  و لەلایەن بەرپرسایەتی لاوانی (DSU) بە ڕەسمی بەخێرهاتنی نوێنەرانی لاوان کرد. شایانی باسە ڕێخراوی لاوان تاکە ڕێخراوی نوێنەری کوردە کە بەسداری ئەم کۆنگرەیە بووە. ئه م کۆنگرەیە بۆ ماوەی ٣ ڕۆژ بەردەوام بوو.


شایەنی باسە یە نوێنەری یەکیەتی لاوان لەم کۆنگرەیە دا پەیمێکی پێشکەش کر و ئەمەش دەقی پەیامەکەیە:

:Dear members of congress
On behalf of The Democratic youth union of Iranian Kurdistan, I welcome everybody to this congress. Today I would like to talk about the situation of the youth in all four parts of Kurdistan. First I will talk about a worldwide problem, that is terror. This terror has affected most parts of Kurdistan and specially the kurdish youth. Because of the current issue in The Middle East right now, does the Kurds and especially the younger Kurds live under very harsh conditions in terms of economy, human rights and other basic human necessities.
In south- Kurdistan (Iraqi Kurdistan) the kurds have more rights than the other parts of Kurdistan, but nonetheless are they also fighting against a worldwide terror on behalf of the whole world. If we for example take Shingal, a Kurdish city which were attacked by ISIS who also kidnaped most of the girls and killed the men and children.
If we take a look at the west-Kurdistan (Kurdistan Syria), after the Kurds had freed the Kurdish areas from the regime of Bashar Asaad, the younger people have left their homes and towns, because they wanted to be a Kurd but didn’t had the opportunity to create a identity, because of the terror and the conditions there. But while talking about all this, turkey is also one of the main causes, which made life in this part of Kurdistan very difficult for the Kurds, and not only in this part, but also in north-Kurdistan (Kurdistan turkey).
In north Kurdistan there is right now an ongoing war between Erdogans regime and the kurds. Erdogan is calling this war, `` the war of terror ``, but if you look closely at the problem, you can see that it is a `` war against the kurds ``. This war, which the whole world is watching at, is all about whipping out the Kurdish population, children, younger people and older ones. The Kurdish population are killed and terrorized every day, Just because they want to have their basic human rights.
Last but not least, I will talk about east-Kurdistan (Kurdistan Iran), this part has been under Khomeini’s regime for about 35 years. During those 35 years the Kurds have never had any opportunity to even fight for their rights and freedom. The Kurdish population en East-Kurdistan are hanged and imprisoned on a daily basis, for demanding their very basic rights. The UN ranks Iran as number one, when it comes to capital punishments. One of the regimes main polices toward the Kurds in East Kurdistan is about seducing the Kurdish youth to use drugs and getting them into the drug business. The regimes aims is to drive the Kurdish youth away from education and progress and drives them towards destruction, unemployment and poverty. And the before mentioned problems plus the lack of basic human rights are the main reason for the young population are leaving East Kurdistan and flee among others to Europe and other parts of the world.
With this information I have given, I hope that you all have gotten a better view of the situation in Kurdistan and the Kurdish youth and also a better understanding of why I am standing here today. We look forward to a better Corporation between LAWAN and DSU. Congratulations With your Congress and long live international solidarity. 
Thank you very much for listening







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