5 Grinding Considerations for Improving Surface Finish

Improving surface finish can be done by making adjustments to one or more of these points: operational parameters, wheel dressing, grit size, coolant delivery and machine condition.

Sunnen, Applied Nano Surfaces Triboconditioning

Making Tribological Improvements to Bore Surfaces

A new “mechano-chemical” process that impregnates tungsten into the surface of honed bores at a nano level improves wear resistance while reducing friction between mating components.

Precision Laser Measuring in a Grinding Machine

This laser measurement technology inside a grinding machine presents numerous advantages including noncontact, multiple-diameter measurement with no mechanical setup required.

Double‐Rough Pinch Grinding Cuts Cycle Time in Half

This alternative to customary pinch grinding uses two roughing wheels to decrease cycle times for blank preparation of carbide cutting tools.

5 Benefits to In-House Grinding

This machine shop’s in-house grinding capabilities offer many advantages for itself and for its customers, including time and cost savings. 

Electrochemical Grinding Makes a Point

A programmable pointing and material handling system used on electrochemical grinding machines can accommodate a range of needle point designs while eliminating a variety of pre- and post-process operations.

Preparing Tool Grinding Machines for IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) doesn’t require scrapping existing tool grinding machines, but investing in new technology, such as communication networks and automation, is necessary. 

Rethinking the Grinding Cycle to Optimize Abrasives Cost Savings

For cost savings in grinding, the complete process should be examined, looking for a comprehensive solution using the latest technologies.

Using Grinding Instead of Turning in Series Production

By grinding the entire workpiece contour in a single operation, the Grindstar can produce large batch sizes economically, making it an alternative to turning for the automotive industry.

Studer Expands Universal Cylindrical Grinder Series

Studer introduces new features to its external universal cylindrical grinding machines S33 and S31, which now provide additional distances between centers.

10 Tips to Get the Most Out of a Grinding Machine

Following these 10 steps can help grinding shops produce high-quality tools, increase productivity, reduce breakdowns and extend machine life.

Dressing Technique for Truing Up Diamond Grinding Wheels

This tapered diamond grinding wheel dressing technique, which takes place inside the machine, is used in production of high-precision profile inserts.

Keeping Current with the Medical Machining Market

The medical machining industry being supplied by the precision machined parts industry is changing. This Northeast Ohio shop is working to keep up with the need to serve changing requirements of its medical customers by increasing the shop’s operational capabilities.

Using Grinding Versus EDM to Finish Form Tools

Finishing carbide inserts using EDM or grinding.

Manufacturing Efficiently at a Micron Level

Grinding very small-diameter instruments for use in medical procedures is a niche business for this micro-grinding machine manufacturer. The company makes machines that use a variety of grinding techniques to manufacture guidewires for the medical industry.

Automated Grinding Cell Adds Capacity

Like many shops facing changes in customer demands, Pennsylvania-based American Turned Products (ATP) is making the necessary adjustments and adding operations to continue to compete in the difficult, high volume market. One of those adjustments is the company’s recent installation of an automated centerless grinding cell.

Shop Combines Automated Grinding and Swiss Turning

Many shops are increasing the scope of their machining capabilities. This Ohio shop has added cylindrical grinding to its 24-hour Swiss-type operations.

Grindstar Replaces Turning With Efficient Grinding

PMTS 2023: The Grindstar machine uses a method that enables the entire workpiece contour to be ground in a single processing operation.

Cylindrical Grinder Shows Off High Precision

The United Grinding Studer S131r cylindrical ID-radius grinding machine targets tough ID grinding operations and a range of hard-to-machine materials.

High-Precision Grinders Capture Optimal Surface Finishes

Okamoto Corp.’s ACC-SA1 series and ACC-32·80CHiQ grinding machines are designed to provide precision, flatness and smooth surface finish.

One 5-Axis Tool Grinder With Flexible, Scalable Design

Multi-axis CNC tool grinding machine features a scalable, modular design, making it retrofittable with any option.

GrindSmart 660XW Hybrid Machine for Ultralean Grinding Processes

Rollomatic’s GrindSmart 660XW is a hybrid, 6‐axis tool and peel grinding machine that enables users to utilize cost‐effective and advanced lean manufacturing principles for ultralean grinding processes

Norton’s Quantum Prime Grinding Wheels Offer Enhanced Efficiency, Part Quality

The wheels are said to feature a microfracturing grain that has unparalleled sharpness and cutting efficiency to reduce power draw and cycle times, while increasing material removal rates.