4 Strategies for Managing Chip Control

Having strategies in place for managing chips is an important part of protecting the production process, from tool life to product quality.

Tips to Make CNC Machining Tool Failure Predictable

Tips to Make CNC Machining Tool Failure Predictable

Accurate prediction of tool life is key to establishing a controlled, repeatable and reliable CNC machining process.

Air-Actuated Back-Spotfacing is Now an Option

A coolant-actuated, back-spotfacing tool design is now available in an air-actuated version for machines that don’t offer through-tool coolant delivery or parts that can’t be machined using coolant.

Precision Machining Technology Review September 2022: Cutting Tools

Production Machining showcases some of the latest cutting tools, including technology from Heule Precision Tools, Horn, Ceratizit, Ingersoll Cutting Tools, Schwanog and Walter.

The Value of Tool Monitoring on Rotary Transfer Machines

By using a tool monitoring system, shops can save costs associated with machine maintenance and downtime for tool changes while increasing cutting performance.
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Get an Inside Peek at 3D Printed Tooling

Booth features 3D-printed milling cutter, both a complete tool and a partial tool, to show internal cooling channels and other complex features.

Swiss Machining Demo Shows Off Carbide Cutting Tool Lines

Pilot Precision, Palbit’s exclusive U.S. distributor, showcases Palbit’s cutting tools as well as its own broaching and drilling products.

Cutting Tool Insert Options for Turning HRSA Materials

Consideration of the types of tools used to turn heat-resistant super alloys commonly used for aerospace components is a necessary part of developing an effective machining process for those materials.

Keeping Your Tool Cool From the Inside Out

Dual internal coolant channels in this parting off/grooving tool are said to provide greater cooling capability than external flood coolant delivery.

Precision Machining Technology Review April 2022: Cutting Tools

Production Machining’s Cutting Tools showcase includes Ceratizit, Suhner, Horn, Sandvik Coromant, Ingersoll and Allied Machine & Engineering.

The Value of Dual Thread Whirling Units for Bone Screws

Dual thread whirling units on a Swiss-type enable it to produce medical bone screws with two different thread leads in one setup, eliminating the need for time-consuming, single-point threading.


IMCO Carbide Tool Inc. End Mills for Faster Part Cycles

The M936 Pow-R-Feed series is designed to make various toolpath moves without slowing down, providing faster cycle times and more production.

Custom Tooling, Workholding Help Whip Rotors Into Shape

Whipple Superchargers uses unique form tools and dead-length-collet workholding for its B-axis turn-mill enabling it to create more accurate rotors for its brand of engine power-adders.

Faster Centerline Setups for Anti-Vibration Boring Bars

A serrated, magnetic device has been developed to speed centerline adjustment for Iscar’s Whisperline vibration-damping boring bars.

Medical Screw Solution Includes More than Cutting Tools

With companies producing so many medical screws, every second saved counts. A turnkey program can help manufacturers machine these parts as efficiently as possible.

A New Face Grooving Technique for Mills

Here is an alternative to standard end milling — an operation performed on a CNC milling machine to produce circular grooves in the part face. This new single-point trepanning tooling strategy can produce both symmetrical and asymmetrical face grooves, too, and perform fly cutting.

Cutter Considerations for Turning Titanium

Effective titanium turning requires the proper selection of cutting tools and machining processes to mitigate the effects of the material’s unique chemical and physical properties.

Ceramic Inserts Can Boost Turning Productivity

When applied correctly, ceramic inserts can dramatically increase cutting speeds, providing shorter cycle times and cost savings compared to carbide for turning operations.

FAQs about PVD Coatings

Applying a PVD coating to cutting tools as well as medical devices can offer functional advantages for both applications.

Precision Machining Eastec Technology Preview September 2021

Production Machining highlights some of the latest precision machining advances and technology updates that will be showcased at Eastec 2021, Oct. 19-21 in West Springfield, Massachusetts.