CMM Systems Must Comply With FDA Validation

Validation requirements set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration can be tricky to satisfy. The following recommendations will lead to validation of both the CMM system and the inspection process.

Where Did the Employees Go?

As many employees have exited the workforce, manufacturers are left with doing more with fewer people. Therefore, management must work hard to attract new employees and retain the good ones.

Gardner Business Index: Precision Machining February 2023

In February, GBI: Precision Machining component activity generally changed direction in a good way.

How Important Is the Look of Your Machine Tools?

Performance comes first, but there is value in equipment having a modern appearance, especially in terms of attracting potential young employees and engaging customers.

My/Mine Our/Ours — A Reflection on Pronouns

When we use possessive pronouns in reference to others, we imply subconscious ownership, possession or superiority. When we choose these pronouns, two things happen.

Gift a 3D Printer to an Employee?

Some shops have purchased inexpensive polymer 3D printers for their operations. Does it make sense to take this a step further and give (or loan) a sharp young employee one to experiment with at home? This small investment could pay off for your shop in different ways.

Gardner Business Index: Precision Machining January 2023

The Gardner Business Index (GBI) for Precision Machining indicates that component activity in January looked similar to December.

ICYMI: Production Machining’s Top 10 Online Articles from 2022

It’s always interesting to learn what articles resonate most with readers. Here’s an overview of which articles got the most clicks on our website last year.

Dealing With Workplace Dysfunction

Do you manage a toxic work culture? Learn the signs and how to address and overcome these problems quickly to clear the path for a happier and more productive workplace.

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

Have you familiarized yourself with the Artificial Intelligence lingo? Here are some AI terms every manufacturing person should know.

Gardner Business Index: Precision Machining December 2022

According to the Gardner Business Index  (GBI) for Precision Machining, component activity in December is essentially a continuation of November. 

A Diverse Start to 2023

Our January issue presents a variety of ideas to consider that can help you become more effective, profitable businesses. That has been the plan all along and remains the plan moving forward.

4 Ways to Boost the Value of Your Machine Shop

Consolidators and the companies they acquire will need to up their game in 2023 and add more value to what they are creating. Here are some practical ideas to be successful in doing so.

Gardner Business Index: Precision Machining November 2022

According to the GBI for Precision Machining, component activity in November is essentially a repeat of October.

Here Are 5 Questions for CNC Machine Shops. Maybe Answer One?

Input from readers like you is always welcome as we make decisions about the types of articles and article topics we pursue for Production Machining.

Program Helps Shops Frame Training to Meet Their Needs

NIMS’ Smart Training Solutions is a framework for modernizing training to keep up with an ever-changing economy. It is flexible, accommodating and geared toward the needs of each individual organization.

Gardner Business Index: Precision Machining October 2022

The GBI: Precision Machining activity shows 4 of 6 components contracting in October.

13 Tips for the Perfect Trade Show Booth

Here are some tips to step up your game at your next trade show.

'It’s a Wonderful Life' Working with Precision Turned Parts

Upon his retirement, Greg Knight reflects on his cherished relationships as well as the challenges he has faced during his career in manufacturing.

The Story of Black Sabbath, Swivel Chairs and a Live IMTS Interview

Sometimes you experience funny, unexpected moments at a trade show. Here’s a silly one from me.

Gardner Business Index: Precision Machining September 2022

In September, Precision Machining ended an almost 2-year growth trend with a flat index of 50.

Attracting Shopfloor Talent: Four Questions to Ask Yourself

Here is food for thought to perhaps better pique the interest of young job seekers in joining your manufacturing company.

6 Tips to Financially Protect Your Manufacturing Business

Disaster-proof your business with these insurance tips.

Is Data Driving the Decisions You Make in Your Shop?

Collecting and using data enables shops to make more informed decisions on the shop floor as well as help automate processes. But don’t forget about the “data” stored in the minds of your top employees.