Can You Pull Data From a Solid Model to Perform Five-Axis Conversational Programming?

A CNC feature imports a 3D solid model from which operators can perform conversational-type, five-axis programming.

5 Tips for Multichannel Programming

5 Tips for Multichannel Programming

Programming for multitasking machines can be complex. Knowing several key points for making the process less challenging can save a programmer time as well as lessen confusion and the risk of error.
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Manufacturing Automation Beyond Robots at PMTS

A variety of automated machining and manufacturing processes — including, but not limited to, robotics — that can enable shops to become more efficient were on display at the recent Precision Machining Technology Show.
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A Fitting Machining Process

Diversified Fittings has turned to twin-turret/twin-spindle equipment and machine monitoring to become more efficient producing hydraulic fittings and adaptors.

Compact Second-Op CNC Mill Gets Makeover

New control and programming capabilities make this small VMC well suited for second-op work or use as a standalone production milling machine.

CNC Apps You Possibly Didn’t Know You Could Benefit From

Some software capabilities go underutilized. One machine tool builder’s CNC software includes lesser-known apps that shops can leverage to their advantage.

Let’s Talk About Less Machining Chatter

For some turning work, unwanted harmonics can cause chatter and poor surface finishes. A new CNC software capability can automatically compensate for this.

Advanced CNC Training Program Teaches In-Demand Skills

According to these three educational program managers, the Siemens LEAP program gives students experience with basic to advanced CNC machining techniques that employers are using in their shops.

Standardized Controls Aid Shop's Apprenticeship Program

Cox Manufacturing’s commitment to standardization, from the parts it makes to its machine controls and apprenticeship program, is an important factor in its growth.

Outsourcing Optimizes Control Panel Construction

Given the multiple challenges associated with in-house panel building such as quality design, expertise, support and technology, outsourcing quickly becoming a viable option.

Learn How to Increase Productivity at IMTS

Exhibitors at the IMTS 2018 Metal Cutting Pavilion will feature smart machining technology including connectivity, automation, process integration and updated controls that can increase productivity.

5 Steps to Digital Manufacturing

Industry 4.0, what some call the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is a move made toward digitization.

Making Parts on a Swiss/Laser Machine

Adding laser cutting to Swiss-type machining is helping this shop do more work for its customers in the medical industry. 

Preparing Precision Turning for Industry 4.0

Ready or not, Industry 4.0 is moving forward, and it’s critical for manufacturers to be ready for it. Many machine tool builders and accessory builders are equipping their products with Industry 4.0 compatibility in anticipation of its implementation by customer shops.

Tool Monitoring for Complex Machining

One of the biggest challenges to tool monitoring on a multitasking machine is coping with simultaneous cutting operations. Caron Engineering (Wells, Maine) designed a system to meet this challenge.

Smooth Evolution of Machine Tool Control

Many traditional turning shops are expanding their capabilities to meet other machining requirements. Multitasking machines have helped these shops to naturally transition into smaller lot sizes and highly complex parts.

White Paper Describes Preventing Chatter on CNC Lathes

Okuma's VSST and HSSC allow users to cut threads without chatter.

Device Connects to Machine Tool’s CNC for Data Collection

PMTS 2023: This touchscreen device connects to CNC machines using long-range RFID technology to perform time and machine data collection.

168 Manufacturing's Coolant System Automates Delivery

PMTS 2023: FullShop systems monitor and replenish all CNC machine sumps with optimized top-off ratios before the coolant runs low.

PCBA Adapter Bridges Acu-Rite CNC to Heidenhain TNC

Adapter gives operators a simple upgrade or ability to switch between two controls on a single machine.

Acu-Rite’s droPWR Tablet Digital Readout System

The system offers multimachine tool connectivity with an application-based digital readout platform.

168 Manufacturing's Automated Coolant System Works With Multiple CNC Machine Tools

Each machine is compatible with a coolant health app that enables users to collect, visualize and track coolant parameters from a smartphone, tablet or desktop, offering real-time visual notifications and displaying trends over time.

Heidenhain TNC7 CNC Control Offers Greater Functionality

IMTS 2022: The CNC control enables machine manufacturers to adapt the user interface to their machines for shopfloor-centered manufacturing.