Growing Pains: A Process for Cutting Ties with Long-Time Employees

By: Jim Carr, President and CEO, CARR Machine & Tool

When your business is growing but a certain employee is not, it may be time to let them go. However, first stepping the employee through a process that includes warning and conversation with them is crucial.

Precision Ground Barstock: How It Is Manufactured, Benefits to Your Shop

By: Miles Free

Understanding the benefits provided by precision centerless ground barstock can help you avoid false economy and optimize the work you quote by maximizing benefits to your manufacturing process and customer.

Parts Cleaning

Meeting Stringent Cleaning Goals With Modular Ultrasonic System

By: Doris Schulz, owner of Schulz Presse and journalist

A knee implant manufacturer implements an advanced cleaning system that meets its tight cleaning requirements, including documenting, validating and tracing the entire cleaning process.

Contest Seeks Innovative End-Use 3D Printed Parts

By: Stephanie Hendrixson

The Cool Parts Showcase is looking for 3D printed components that are currently in use or show promise as future solutions.

Emerging Leaders [DEPRECATED]

Applying a Healthy Approach to Employee Investment

By: Lori Beckman

Service Center Metals’ on-site health center offers its employees and their families free same-day health care and, in return, the employer is gaining many benefits including a healthier workforce and attracting potential employees.
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Turning Machines

Getting More Production From Swiss Turning Centers

Buying a new CNC Swiss turning center is a substantial investment. For the best return, look closely for capabilities that enable the best utilization of the machine.


How Small Machine Shops Can Fight Supply Chain Problems

By: Sandy Moffat, Chief Market Officer, CNC Software, LLC

Supply chain disruptions are still presenting challenges in manufacturing. This article examines the effects on aerospace, automotive and medical industries. It also covers ways that machine shops can be successful securing work despite the challenges created by the supply chain.


Overcoming 3 Common Challenges With Automated Particle Counting

By: Peter Feamster, product management director, Jomesa North America

Facing difficulties while performing particle analysis is normal but should not be discouraging. Here are some ways to handle the most prevalent issues that can arise.

Why Are We Writing About a Shop Making Custom Baseball Bats?

By: Derek Korn

I recently learned about a 153-year-old manufacturer that has produced billions upon billions of precision, metal pins which started another business making one-off wooden baseball bats. (Like I asked it to do for me and you’ll see at this year’s Precision Machining Technology Show). Here I explain why it’s worth the time to read that article.
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It’s Showtime!

By: Derek Korn

The 12th edition of the biennial Precision Machining Technology Show starts today. What might you discover there? What might I discover there?


PMTS 2023 Product Preview: Workholding

Edited by Angela Osborne

Learn about some of the latest workholding solutions that will be on display at PMTS 2023.


PMTS 2023 Product Preview: Toolholders

Edited by Angela Osborne

Learn about some of the latest toolholder solutions that will be on display at PMTS 2023.