Bar Feeder Basics

Some primary factors are often overlooked when considering how to justify the implementation of a bar feeder for turning operations.

LNS-ChipBlaster Acquisition

LNS Acquires ChipBlaster

The LNS Group has acquired ChipBlaster Inc., the maker of high pressure coolant systems, coolant chillers, cyclonic filtration systems and other machine tool peripherals.

Preparing for Lights-Out Production

As manufacturers face the challenges of reducing cost-per-part while meeting quality and delivery demands, adding a workerless third shift is a tantalizing possibility. It’s also a bit scary.

Choosing an Automatic Bar Feeder

The bar feeder is the most common form of automation for turning operations. Selecting the right one requires consideration of the applications for which it will be used.

The Collet is the Answer

A small workholding change helped this shop deliver the required part finish by resolving vibration and runout issues.

Video: Parts Accumulator Allows for Unattended Machining

One of the advantages of a Swiss-type lathe is that once you’ve set up the bar feeder, you’re good to go until you run out of barstock. This accumulator simplifies the other end of the operation.

Peak Performance in the Machining Lab

Matching the right equipment for the job and having quality employees to handle the work is paying big dividends for this precision shop.

Laser Device Helps to Align Bar Feeders

One of the most common issues affecting bar feeder performance is wear and tear on the bar feeder liner or collet caused by inaccurate alignment between the bar feeder and the lathe.

Technology Advances Automation Trends

Shops of all sizes looking for better efficiency are realizing the benefits of a deeper investment into automation.

Celebrating 40 Years by Giving Back

To honor the 40th anniversary of LNS Group (based in Orvin, Switzerland), the company’s more than 800 employees have committed to give back to their communities through public service.

Win-Win Scenario Automates a High Volume Turning Operation

What started as a sales call from Bucci Industries to Methods Machine Tools evolved into a true success story at Gardner Denver's Fort Worth, Texas facility.

Bar Feeder Knowledge Center

feeders are perhaps the most common automation accessories used in metalworking. To see a nice collection of information about bar feeders, visit Production Machining’s Bar Feeds zone.

Barfeeding Small Diameters

This shop may be located off the beaten path but it’s certainly found a successful and profitable home by applying top of the line technology to its medical part production mix.

Communication Among Workcell Components

An Ethernet-based system acts as a conduit for relaying operational data between the programming software, controller, bar feeder, machine tool and parts unloader.

The Evolution of Feeding Barstock

When the ancient Egyptians employed the first known turning machines, productivity was probably not a top-of-mind issue. Given an abundance of slave labor, it’s likely the pharaohs enjoyed relatively low production costs. Today, of course, improving productivity is critical in any manufacturing operation that does not rely on plentiful, cheap labor.

The Many Sides of Workholding

Here's a broad look at different ways to approach workholding, from bar feeders to collet chucks to robotics.

Connecting the Technologies

This Missouri shop uses new advances in machine to machine communications to achieve its goals of lights out manufacturing and quick changeover.

Bar Feeder Offers Simple, Fast, Silent Automation

PMTS 2023: Bucci Industries’ Next 25 bar feeder offers high rotational speeds (more than 10,000 rpm) and fast, unattended bar changes with high indexing and silent performance.
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Bar Feeder for Sliding Headstock Lathes Enables Higher RPMs

PMTS 2023: The LNS GT 342 automatic magazine bar feeder is designed to enable fast and easy diameter changeovers and improved productivity. 

All-Electric Bar Feeder Optimized for Lights-Out Production

IMTS 2022: The Quick Load Servo 105 automatic bar feeder has a 26" (650 mm) heavy-duty magazine which can stage up to 1,430 lbs of barstock for long unattended and lights-out production runs.

Magazine Bar Feeder Enables Unattended Operation

IMTS 2022: Edge Technologies’ Commander 8-80 magazine bar feeder enables unattended operation with its large magazine capacity.

LNS Bar Feeder Control Enhances Machine Health Monitoring

The company says the control enhances the user-friendliness of the Quick Load Servo S3+, a bar feeder that is well suited for unattended and lights-out production thanks to its robustness and reliability.

Automatic Bar Feeder for Small Barstock

The LNS GT 112-E bar feeder is designed to optimize Swiss machine performance with efficient loading of barstock with diameters as small as 0.8 mm.