Overcoming 3 Common Challenges With Automated Particle Counting

Facing difficulties while performing particle analysis is normal but should not be discouraging. Here are some ways to handle the most prevalent issues that can arise.

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Orbital Composites licenses AMCM technology 

Additive manufacturing compression molding (AMCM), co-developed with ORNL, combines robotic AM and continuous fiber technologies to revolutionize high-volume composites manufacturing.

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Bio-inspired EV underbody panel developed by TPI Composites, Helicoid Industries

Composite underbody panel for battery pack protection, made of stacked multiaxial noncrimp fabric, will serve high-volume commercial and automotive markets.


SPE ACCE 2023 innovative parts competition is open for nominations

Any register conference participant may nominate original equipment, aftermarket or prototype composite parts for automotive, truck and UAM applications by July 30, 2023.


SHD Composites backs Team BRIT disabled racing driver

Forty-one-year-old Paul Fullick seeks to make history with all-disabled racing drivers competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Reinventing the Wheel with Robot-Automated CNC Multitasking

One race team discovers how to efficiently manufacture a new wheel nut design for the next-generation NASCAR stock car with the help of a CNC mill/turn and a built-in robot.

A Race to the Machined Part (Surface) Finish

To improve component finish as well as engine and gearbox performance for its customers, this racing motorcycle rebuild company uses a super-finishing process for gears and related components which is more commonly used for aerospace and jewelry applications.

Complete Cleaning/Drying of EV Battery Trays

This parts washer specifically developed to clean and dry EV battery trays has a processing time of less than 100 seconds per part and processes two battery trays per cycle.

How Eaton Uses Metal 3D Printing

With the ability to address customer needs faster and iterate parts quickly, this metal 3D printing system is now standard within the workflow for both the engineering and toolroom teams.

A 'Microscopic' Look at ISO 16232 Standard Analysis

This article gives three key points that should be confirmed with a microscope support team or within microscope software to ensure that proper settings are in place to detect, measure and categorize most particles for automotive manufacturing. 

Will Transmission Manufacturers Turn to Out-Of-Round Turning?

Out-of-round turning can be an efficient alternative to profile milling and grinding for polygon couplings that could replace traditional spline connections in automotive transmissions.
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PMPA's Market Insights for Automotive and Aerospace

Check out the latest sales insights, prepared by the PMPA, on these top industries served by precision machining industry.

Understanding – and Machining – Ultra-Clean Steel

Using the strongest steel available to create critical automotive powertrain components is necessary and in demand. Understanding how to properly machine ultra-clean steel and executing these techniques will enable cost-efficient and consistent part production. 

Custom Tooling, Workholding Help Whip Rotors Into Shape

Whipple Superchargers uses unique form tools and dead-length-collet workholding for its B-axis turn-mill enabling it to create more accurate rotors for its brand of engine power-adders.

What You Should Know About High-Speed Machining

The tools go a whole lot faster—40,000 rpm, perhaps—but the advantage is not parts per hour but in the ability to make precise parts with less induced stress

Machining Gummy Materials: A New Use for Sharpies

Organic films help metal removal Purdue researchers discover

Seven Cool Tools: Spindles, Quality & More

Increase operational productivity with these new developments

Lucid Factory—Phase One—Complete

They’ve built the beta test cars. Now they’re running the factory to test the tooling and equipment
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Face Milling Aluminum Without Burrs

Sandvik has developed a face milling approach that is analogous to rotary broaching

7 Cool Tools: Laser Cutting, Fixture Modeling, and more

Increase operational productivity with these new developments for automotive manufacturing from Mazak, Renishaw, Omron, Marposs and more.
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Cobots: 14 Things You Need to Know

What jobs do cobots do well? How is a cobot programmed? What’s the ROI? We asked these questions and more to four of the leading suppliers of cobots. 

Nissan Manufacturing Wish List

What are the sorts of things that people at Nissan North American manufacturing ops are looking for?

Seven Cool Tools

Increase operational productivity with these new developments

Tools You Can Use

Here are a few useful developments for your manufacturing operations, whether it is making components for electrical systems or camshafts or more.
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Precise Engine Block Machining in Mannheim

How to get precise machined surfaces for commercial truck engines.
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Precision Machining in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is the largest market for precision machined parts. See how shops are handling the large volumes, tight process control and high quality this industry requires.