Automation in the Alps: Studer AG Unveils New Grinding Concepts

Studer AG, member company of United Grinding, held its annual press conference at its Swiss Alps location earlier this month to announce its new automatic loaders to accompany its existing grinding machines as well as other offerings and automation features. 

The Automation Sector at IMTS – The International Manufacturing Technology Show in 2024 in Chicago, Illinois, and SPS – Smart Production Solutions in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2025 will both feature an expansive offering of automated, robotic, connected and digital manufacturing technologies. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Production Machining’s February 2023 News Highlights

Production Machining’s February 2023 news highlights include creation of automation sector at upcoming manufacturing events, new facilities and organization leaders, WiM partnership for career fairs, expanded reseller network and more.

Tips for Troubleshooting and Repairing Chip Conveyors

A nonfunctioning chip conveyor can cause a high-production machine to be down for an extended period of time. Here is some troubleshooting advice if you’re having issues with your chip conveyors.
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Reinventing the Wheel with Robot-Automated CNC Multitasking

One race team discovers how to efficiently manufacture a new wheel nut design for the next-generation NASCAR stock car with the help of a CNC mill/turn and a built-in robot.

Precision Machining Technology Review January 2023: Automation & Robots

Production Machining’s January 2023 showcase includes some of the latest technology from ABB, Mini-Mover Conveyors, FANUC, OnRobot, ATI Industrial Automation and FOBA Laser Marking+Engraving.

Video Tech Brief: Benefits of a CNC Bar Puller

CNC bar pullers can benefit machining processes by providing automation. Watch this video to learn more from a user of a bar puller on a turning center.

Robot Readiness: Taking Initial Steps Toward Integration

Not confident enough about automating a process yet in your machine shop? These considerations will help you better understand the path to robot adoption.  

Swiss-Type Add-On System Enables In-Line Inspection

When small part inspection and/or segregation is critical, this flexible, automated unloading and palletizing system for Swiss-type lathes can be the answer. 

Shop Shares Lights-Out Lessons Learned

Automated machining and data collection have helped Custom Tool to not only grow its business through more overnight production but also to establish a continuous improvement mindset that has enabled it to become more efficient in numerous areas.

Program a Robot with your Machine’s CNC

A new function in popular controls enables shops to program machine-tending robots using familiar CNC G codes.

Cobot Gripper Considerations

There are a variety of ways for collaborative robots to pick up and hold parts and materials. Here are four.


VIDEO: Emerging Leaders’ Viewpoints on Training and Retention

The 2022 Emerging Leaders focus on new strategies for hiring, in-house training programs and retention plans for the young generation of workers as well as the valuable employees already in place.

View From My Shop Video 1: A Deep Dive Into Automation with Advance CNC

Advance CNC leverages multiple forms of automation to increase its milling machines' productivity. Learn more in this episode of The View From My Shop.

Automation Brings Reliability to Laser Marking Bone Screws

To overcome human error in laser marking, consider a reliable, high-throughput automated system designed to run 24/7.

Adaptive Machining: The Last Puzzle Piece for Automated Production?

Automatically monitoring and adjusting cutting parameters inside a machine while checking for tool wear is just as important to establishing a reliable lights-out machining process as having a robot outside the machine.

Is Data Driving the Decisions You Make in Your Shop?

Collecting and using data enables shops to make more informed decisions on the shop floor as well as help automate processes. But don’t forget about the “data” stored in the minds of your top employees.  
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Manufacturing Tech. Classroom of the Future

Interactive exhibits in the Smartforce Student Summit demonstrate smart, digital manufacturing technologies (Industry 4.0): additive manufacturing, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), automation and robotics, digital twin, generative design, and more.

See What Lights-Out Machining Looks Like

Caron Engineering demonstrates machining technology that, when combined, can offer peace of mind when shutting off the lights and heading home for the evening.

AI Software Predicts Machine Tool Drive System Failures

Predictive failure analysis software detects problems before they occur by connecting to a machine tool’s servomotor or spindle motor to perform condition monitoring.

3D Printing Creates a Window of Automation Opportunity

For this Omaha shop, periodic part inspection required an automated turning cell to pause production. Printing a plastic parts collection chute for delivery outside the cell solved this problem, and it turns out the shop has found 3D printing to be valuable in many other ways.