A Small CNC Machine Shop’s Journey to CMMC

Achieving Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) —  soon to be required to do work for the U.S. government — takes time and money. This 10-person shop takes us through some of the challenges it has faced and lessons it has learned on its CMMC voyage.

What’s Ahead for the U.S. Metalworking Economy?

Although previously robust, the U.S. metalworking economy has softened in recent months. However, the overall outlook remains strong. Even a possible 2023 recession does not appear to be an obstacle to continued growth over the next few years.

Cutting Tool Insert Options for Turning HRSA Materials

Consideration of the types of tools used to turn heat-resistant super alloys commonly used for aerospace components is a necessary part of developing an effective machining process for those materials.

Precision Laser Measuring in a Grinding Machine

This laser measurement technology inside a grinding machine presents numerous advantages including noncontact, multiple-diameter measurement with no mechanical setup required.

Thread Milling Tips for Tricky Aerospace Materials

Compared to tapping, thread milling offers advantages for creating threads in challenging materials such as high-temperature alloys.
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PMPA's Market Insights for Automotive and Aerospace

Check out the latest sales insights, prepared by the PMPA, on these top industries served by precision machining industry.

Automated Cleaning System Improves Productivity

This rotary basket washer drastically reduced the number of operators tending to the cleaning process as well as removed the bottleneck from that station.

Unique 2020 Recession Impacts Market Segments Differently

There are many reasons why the present recession requires business leaders to think differently about this recession and not necessarily rely on the lessons learned from past downturns.

IT is the Key to Effective Machine Monitoring

This aerospace manufacturer’s IT team was essential to successfully setting up a machine monitoring program. 

Flexible Manufacturing System Reduces Machining Times for Aerospace Parts

Orizon Aerostructures’ flexible manufacturing system, made up of nine Ecospeed five-axis machines from Starrag, is helping the company make more money producing complex aerospace parts.

Shop’s Growth Takes Off by Supplying Aircraft Parts Directly

The process of gaining approval to supply aircraft parts to Boeing directly was long and difficult for Automatic Products, but the potential growth and stability have made the journey worthwhile.

High Demand Creates Growth in Aerospace Industry

The combined results of a strong global growth of both passenger and freight air transport demand followed by strong demand for new aircraft and increasing competition between aircraft manufacturers should point to a robust aerospace market for years to come.

Advances in Swiss-Type Technology

R&D efforts in recent years have led to higher efficiencies, increased agility and expanded capabilities for shops performing Swiss-type turning.

Filling Bins While the Building is Empty

Over the past decade, technology has advanced to the point that lights-out machining is more seamless than ever before, with built-in safety systems and even the ability to switch from one part to another in the middle of the night.

How Metallurgical Structure Affects the Machinability of Aluminum

Advancements in grain structure consistency and mechanical properties help to make this extremely machinable metal suitable for an ever growing range of applications.

White Papers for Aerospace Machining

Two white papers from machine tool distributor and automation integrator Gosiger Inc. explain the capabilities required of CNC machine shops that wish to enter the aerospace market.

Considerations for Machining Exotics

In manufacturing, the term “exotic” is used to describe materials that display excellent wear characteristics, durability and service life in high heat, extreme cold or corrosive environments.