June 2022 ISSUE

Production Machining June 2022
June 2022 | Digital Edition

Rotary Transfer Offers Full OD Turning Between Centers

This small-footprint trunnion rotary transfer machine includes an isolated cell to perform full OD turning between centers for improved concentricity compared to flipping parts in a station for backside turning or moving the part to another clamping position.


Transfer Machines

Machine Shop Leans on Rotary Transfer for Higher Efficiency

A firearm parts supplier’s lean manufacturing methods help it discover the many advantages of rotary transfer technology.


VIDEO: Swiss Shop’s Choice of Collets Facilitates Backworking

This Swiss shop discovered workholding collets that satisfy the needs of its very small, delicate and complex medical parts production on the subspindle, making once impossible processes not only doable but more efficient and esthetically pleasing. 

Machining Centers & Milling Machines

Where Automated Five-Axis Machining Isn’t a Challenge

A Minnesota shop recently added a five-axis machine with integrated pallet changer to perform days-long stretches of precision, repeatable small-parts machining on its own.